Thursday, 3 December 2009


I think my decision to look at UKIP before joining it was a good move; whilst I agree with what they stand for nationally, locally they appear to be a damp squid.
The fact that their new party leader, Lord Pearson, was prepared to do a deal with the Tories, denied by some members, is also very off-putting, imagine being told you cannot stand in this election because the Conservatives are standing, not what you paid you’re party fees for, is it?
UKIP, locally, which is what I would have been involved in, appears stagnant and without enthusiasm, something I know the members feel, and in a letter from their Chairman, Warwick Nicholson, confirmed it “ The membership showed no enthusiasm for a December meeting”. There is an election looming, they have 6 months to get ready for it and they cannot be bothered to hold a monthly meeting!
You cannot blame the members if they are poorly led and ill advised for their apathy. It is up to the local leaders to lead by example, if you look at their North Wales web-site there as only been 5 entries since the beginning of November....
Not, exactly, encouraging, is it?
Holding their meetings in a draughty Church Hall is not my idea of a party going anywhere any time soon; they need to brighten-up their image, get out and meet the people and be bold and decisive. Their reliance on poor local leadership, bad advice from under qualified and over titled political advisors and their inability to climb above their local action group status is going to cost them dearly in the forthcoming election.
I can only wish the local membership well, but I fear it may already be too late for them; unless there is a monumental transformation soon; then they will be in the same position after the election only a lot more deflated than they already are.


Anonymous said...


There has only been one alternative to the treason that is LabLibCon and that is the BNP. For John Oddy to even consider Ukip as a political party to lead this country shows how nieve he is. He is as daft as a turkey stuffing itself for it's Christmas demise. What gaul he has to advise the poor lost Ukip supporters how to prepare and build there red herring party for the General Election. Even after their leader admitted this week he would sell them out at a drop of a hat - How very democratic!! DO UKIP SUPPORTERS NEED FURTHER PROOF THAT THEIR SO CALLED PARTY IS MADE OF STRAW, A CREATION OF THE ESTABLISHMENT TO BAMBOOZLE THE GULLIABLE LIKE JOHN ODDY.

Anonymous said...

Yes John must be more positive he is like a lost fart in the middle of a thunder storm at the moment.
Old Sailor.

Anonymous said...

i think ur 2 much of a loose cannon 2 b in a party

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 18.04,
I presume you are referring to your Chairman?

Anon 21.52,
The Pope would be a loose “Canon” to our local U kip Zzzz.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should stand as a tory? in the Glyn ward.
Chris Hughes is a gonna next time.

Anonymous said...

"Vote Lib Dem" urges Diane Abbott (Labour) MP. Who does John Oddy (Indep)urge voters to mark there little X's for? John your blog followers wait with baited breath for your direction! I believe its called 'pigeonholing'.
Ghosts of Jeremy Thorpe
and Rinkagate.

Anonymous said...

Annon says..Perhaps you should stand as a tory? in the Glyn ward.
Chris Hughes is a gonna next time.

I say... I agree Chris Hughes days as a Councillor are numbered, it wont help by electing another Tory. The only why forward is to replace the old gang of LABLIBCON artists who have taken it for granted for to long that they will automatically be elected. Lets continue to expose them for what they are and elect genuine representatives to our wards.

Anonymous said...


UKIP Leader Forced to Apologise for Wanting to Disband Party behind Members’ Backs Disgraced expenses swindler and Thatcher spare wheel, Lord Pearson, has been forced to issue a public apology to UKIP members for trying to disband that party behind their backs.