Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, CCBC’s inept, amateurish and inward thinking will cause us to loose the main share of the Regeneration Grant. They, through Bethan Jones’s leadership, were so keen to house their new offices in Colwyn Bay that they hardly glanced at any other proposal put before them.
Where did Bethan Jones go? Director of Modernisation, Denbighshire County Council and what happens? A brand new £85m seafront development in Rhyl complete with private investors waiting in the wings....


It couldn’t have been more blatant; the person in charge of our pitiful regeneration proposals decides to jump ship and lands on her feet and suddenly, out of nowhere, the proposals that were shelved for Rhyl miraculously have a new private investor, you couldn’t make it up, I know it’s pantomime season but someone is having a laugh.
The moment CCBC knew that tear spilling Bethan was moving to Denbighshire, months ago, she should have been removed from the Regeneration Board and given some menial task to do that would not include knowing about our, rather lame, regeneration proposals.
Never mind, the good news is Councillor Chris Hughes is Chairman of the Regeneration Quality Assurance Team..................... tickets for the Titanic anyone.


Anonymous said...

"...good news is Councillor Chris Hughes is Chairman of the Regeneration Quality Assurance Team..."

For feck's sake - when is this useless piece of shite going to be removed from the Council??

Is there a single trough he hasn't got his piggy little brown nose stuck in?

Can't wait to see if he has the balls to turn up at the town hall for the pier meeting on the 22nd jan?

Can't Organise ....in a Brewery said...

I hear that non-Colwyn Bay councillors are not getting a look in with any of the regeneration committees, yet all key staff are being redirected to the regeneration project.
So not only are CCBC unable to organise anything for Colwyn Bay they are moving staff such that no other part of Conwy will have any work done on it for the next couple of years.
Llandudno and the Valley are just going to have to wait until they are in such a state that they attract SRA monies.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Yes; I should think the excrement has well and truly hit the air conditioning, “headless chickens” and “running around like” springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Well, here we are, 2010, the end of what must be the most disastrous decade to have hit our country in half a century. Maybe worse than that, in terms of the effect which the first decade of the 21st Century has had upon the native population of these Islands, the last ten years may have caused more lasting damage than any our people have ever lived through.

In the first decade of this century we came closer to being replaced within out homeland than we ever have before.

What has been done to us we allowed to be done. In the past, our people stood together and faced down war, plague and hardship. This time we neither stood together nor faced up the the threat before us, indeed, most of our people surrendered and laid down their children's future, their children's heritage, for temporary comfort and for fear of a word.

In the past we have always survived what our country faced, yet because this time we surrendered, for the first time in a thousand years, it is by no means certain that we will survive what has overtaken us in the last ten years.

We are a wounded people, we are an occupied people and most dangerously we are a disunited people.

Rejoin the ranks John.