Thursday, 17 December 2009


I have re-printed a copy of an email sent to me today from a gentleman called Matt Hall, I have never met the person and can only vouch for the validity of his claim on his say so, I have no reason to doubt that the email is the genuine article as it appears to ask reasonable questions of the Chairman (Councillor Chris Hughes) of the Friends of the Pier Society. To this date Councillor Hughes has not had the common courtesy to reply to the gentleman’s enquiry.
One has to wonder if this is the way one person has been treated, how many others are there out there who have also been treated in a similar, despicable, fashion. The problems surrounding Councillor Hughes’s prolonged Chairmanship must now, surely, becoming an embarrassment to the County Council and for the sake of their own integrity they must take action against him and force him to resign from the Society or, alternatively, step-down as a Councillor.

Subject: Friends Of The Pier Enquiry
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 16:58:03 +0000

Hi Chris,

I have been informed that you are Chairman of 'The Friends Of Victoria Pier' in Colwyn Bay, Which I am interested in joining having recently moved to the area and having a lons standing interest in Piers and their history ,Firstly I am after some information on the group- Is there a membership/joining fee? If so what do I get for this fee? eg. Newsletters, Chance to attend Meetings etc? I have noticed/been told the Pier is closed and heard many different stories in a short time as to how/why, What are the Friends actually doing towards saving the Pier? Any Fundraising/Meetings I could get involved In to help? I would also be willing to make a donation towards any fund etc that is in place for the Piers future.

Many Thanks

Matt Hall


Anonymous said...

"despicable behaviour" should perhaps be replaced with "business as usual from Chris Hughes" ?

Anonymous said...

Oddy, you are a fucking racist scumbag and only in it for the money I hope you die screaming

Anonymous said...

How can he be 'only in it for the money' - Town councillors don't receive any expenses!?

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 20.02,
The word “Racist” is a sword drawn ever so easily when the users lacks the ability of constructive argument. Anon 12.34 is correct; Town Councillors receive neither salary or expenses.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the fact Anon 20:02 has a rather poor command of the English language, I fail to see how his 'comment' is relevant?

... perhaps he is one of Cllr Hughes' stooges? - of course, Cllr Hughes DOES receive a large sum of taxpayers' money in salary and dubious expenses.

Anonymous said...

Mr John Oddy has alot to learn in politics but his heart is in the right place thats alot more than some of the town clowns that have been elected.

Anonymous said...

The whole fact that Cllr Oddy DOESN'T do "politics" is what makes him a good councillor...

Sure he might "break the rules" - but those rules shouldn't be there in the first place... the stupid rules which quash freedom of speech, keep documents and meetings secret, and hide exactly where all our money is going are questionable (at best) under Human Rights Law in any case...

If all councillors followed his lead and actually championed causes that are of concern to the people of their wards, rather than what might be good to keep the status quo of the corrupt council/officials/elected members, then the whole thing might work a little bit better for everyone.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 19.40,
You are correct; I do still have a lot to learn, from day one of becoming a Town Councillor it has been a steep learning curve and, to be honest, I did not realise how much politics plays a part in local government, or how much you have to watch your back!

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 22.34,
Thank you... I think!

Anonymous said...

(22.34) It was meant as a compliment!

The whole party politics thing should be abolished. All politicians at all levels should be independent, representing the majority view of their ward/constituency - which is what they are supposed to do already.
However, we all know most politicians exist solely to dictate the party line to the constituents, rather than dictating their constituents wishes to parliament - which is how democracy is SUPPOSED to work!

Central government can't keep banging on about how they want to "de-centralise" power, when they rule with a system of whips!