Saturday, 26 December 2009


Call me a racist, a fascist even a Nazi but scum like this do not deserve to be in this Country....

Regardless, of whatever awaits him if he is deported, he more than deserves it; and if his fictitious wife and family love him so much he can take them along with him.
This just emphasises what I wrote the other day about “Nanny State”. Deportation would infringe on his Human rights, what about the Human rights of the 12 year old girl he murdered or the Human rights of her grief stricken family.
It is incidents like this that turn people to vote for the BNP, we, as a Country, have got to be the laughing stock of the World. To allow this man to stay here, after what he has done, is an incitement to racial hatred and I fully understand the girl’s father when He says he will not rest until this piece of shite has gone.

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