Sunday, 6 September 2009


In reference to your article “MP Slams Council Plans” the spokeswoman for the Council not only appeared arrogant but also mislead your newspaper and it’s readers. She said “Unlike the House of Commons, the council does not provide canteen facilities and as a result staff will visit local outlets to buy lunch.” She should have read this section of the Office Accommodation Sub-Committee’s meeting of May this year....
Members discussed the report and presentation in detail, and in particular debated the following issues:

• Priorities of the Council
• Ring fencing income from capital receipts
• Efficiency savings, including efficient and effective working practices (Lean Thinking), EDRMS and reducing energy costs
• Phased approach to office accommodation
• Timescales and the need to vacate Dinerth Road by March 2013
• The need for additional resources and the use of consultants
• The benefits of contractors ‘scoping out’ suitable proposals
• Regeneration of Colwyn Bay
• The need for additional meeting rooms and canteen facilities
• Possible site visit to Neath and Port Talbot Council to view their facilities

The full minutes can be read here...
This is a money making scam by the Council, not only are they using the Regeneration Grant, which could be used to save the town, to build their offices but they will make several million pounds by selling off their old offices and land.
Once again the Council and its Councillors show their contempt for the people of Colwyn Bay, so much for democracy.

Councillor John Oddy.

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