Monday, 14 September 2009


Due to recent events I find myself having to re-evaluate information that was given to me; as a consequence I would like to offer you this full and public apology, I sincerely regret any distress I have caused to you or your family by my allegations of your involvement in the Craig Ollerton affair. My allegations were based on information that I now find to be questionable, at least. Allegations have now been directed at someone else who I know to be totally innocent I must, therefore, concur that the allegations aimed at you were also false. All reference to you has now been removed from my blog and a copy of this comment will appear in its place.
Once again I apologise for my actions and hope you accept them with the sincerity that they are offered.

John Oddy


Anonymous said...

Stop your sickening display of Kow Tow to the yid. You have been told before, apologising is a sign of weakness, you shake in your boots at the first mention of being reported,(ho you passed for selection I will never Know. As Alistair Crowley once said "DO WHAT THOU WOULD'ST".

Anonymous said...

John - you made a handsome apology, the mark of a man of integrity. If the anon comment is an example of the freaks involved in this row, then I think it says all we need to know.

I will never agree with your politics, but you have conducted yourself in an admirable way within this foolish and backstabbing mess.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said...
John you made a handsome apology,..
I Say..... Thank you Chris Hill for your undying support for Johnny now his back is against the ropes. He had been told and this is not the first time he has put his size 10s in it. Another fine mess with a smack of anti-semitisim thrown in. This could turn into a costly affair.
Kit Kat.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 18.30/11.33,
I really do pity you; you have the unfortunate disposition of bitterness that runs through you. I will continue to post your comments but only because I feel sorry for you. I only hope the other readers will be as charitable and bear with you. It is only people like you that should make us all understand how lucky we are not to be in similar positions.

Anonymous said...

Mr Oddy is typical of the extreme Black Shirt types, popping out of the wood work after admitting a disgraceful attack on Adrian, he then apolgises for acting on false information. He then goes on to attack another individual using his blog with personal inuedoes regarding what he perseves as unwarrented comments regarding Mr Oddy's past. History repeats itself where Mr Oddy is concerned, he encourages these responses which he appears to thrive on, we must never forget that a World War was fought to stop facisism.