Saturday, 26 September 2009


It’s been a very eventful month, up to now, and looks set to continue in the same vein as we slip towards October. We’ve had all the kerfuffle in regards to the Pier, Town Council meeting with the owner, letters sent to the County Council and the Local Authority Ombudsman, I’ve had a comment from “Birdseyeviewofwales” on the local forum that he/she saw “Important looking people” inspecting the Pier, which, hopefully, may mean the Council are extracting the digit and getting on with their legal responsibilities. I’ve had a good meeting with David Jones MP in regards to the Pier, the Councils intent to build offices for 600 of it’s staff in the centre of town, and about proposals that are sent to the Regeneration Board that are never heard of again; the Bermuda Triangle of Wales, so to speak.
The Ecological Friends of Colwyn Bay has also kept me very busy, the amount of people volunteering and showing an interest has been staggering and I have to thank Dave Roberts and Jennifer Geddes for their enormous input and support, without them there is no way this would have got off the ground. We’ve had meetings with potential funding sources, local media and I even appeared on ITV Wales, the Environmental Dept of the Council have yet, despite numerous calls, to furnish us with the letter that gives us consent to work in the park but, I’m sure this is only an Administrative error, I had heard that one local County Councillor was against us doing the work but I doubt the Council would side with one Councillor against the enthusiasm of the entire community, it would, after all, make them out to be extremely unwise and undemocratic. Our first day of action will be midday on the 3rd of October, we intend to have a big clean up of our project area, so any of you that want to attend and give help or support then please do so.
It would also appear there is a rumour being circulated that I have resigned or will be forced to resign from the Council; I can assure you I have not, nor do I intend to, being forced to resign is an improbability but I am aware I have upset more than a few members of the Council. I would like to thank those of you that phoned me with your concerns about the rumour; it is calls such as yours that make this job worthwhile, many times it feels like we are banging our heads against a brick wall and getting nowhere, you do start to feel despondent and wonder if you should continue or is it worth all the hassle?; it is the calls, such as yours, that make you realise there are some that appreciate your efforts, thank you.


Carneades said...

I doubt the Council would side with one Councillor against the enthusiasm of the entire community, it would, after all, make them out to be extremely unwise and undemocratic.

Conwy need to watch very carefully what's happening, here, as it seems to me their tardiness is becoming some sort of pattern. We all need to know if they're going to encourage the work or simply refuse permission, then try to do it themselves, since the publicity you've generated thus far might make them look as though they don't care about the state of Colwyn Bay. Now, that can't possibly be true, can it?

Councillor John Oddy said...

I am sure that by now you know my opinion of the Bodlondeb Gentleman’s Club, paid to be ineffectual “yes” men.
You are correct that they need to be watched, although at times that would be like watching grass grow, only slower. It is time for a complete clear out, if the car engine isn’t working you do a complete oil change; well, our Council needs the same, a complete change, do away with the old-boy network and get some fresh blood in there. We need Councillors that will question the Council Officers decisions not kow-tow down to them, all that money they waste is ours and we have a right to accountability, if they do take the option you suggest there will be one hell of a backlash and, hopefully the rolling of a few heads come the elections