Friday, 18 September 2009


Here is a copy of a complaint sent to the Local Authority Ombudsman for Wales. CCBC's inaction over the Pier may cost the life of someone and I, for one, cannot stand by and watch that happen.
I have written this letter as an individual, not as a Councillor or member of the Council if I have broken the Code of Conduct or breached any rules then so be it. I am prepared to accept responsibility for my actions and any punishment that may result from them. We cannot stand by whilst this Pier becomes a Death Trap for any child that may wander underneath it, my only hope is that my actions may force CCBC into doing what they are legally obligated to do.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to report Conwy County Borough Council for breach of their Duty of Care by their inactions over Victoria Pier in Colwyn Bay.
Colwyn Bay Town Council wrote to CCBC on the 25th of August informing them of the dangerous and potentially fatal condition of the Pier. As of yesterday 17.09.09 CCBC had not officially replied to that letter but did say in the local paper that they had served notice on the receivers..
CCBC have been made aware, in the letter sent to them, that they are obliged under the Building Act 1984, sections 77 and 78 (Dangerous Structures) to carry out any and all repairs necessary to a structure to maintain the safety of the public, it is then their responsibility to seek financial redress through the Courts from those responsible for the buildings upkeep, in this case the receivers.
Victoria Pier is in a very dangerous condition, this has been admitted by CCBC. CCBC have, so they say, issued an enforcement order on the receivers, this order has not been acted upon it is therefore the Council’s responsibility to carry-out the work required under the above act but they continue to deny this responsibility. I therefore ask the Ombudsman to make a ruling against CCBC for their Breach of Duty of Care.

Yours Sincerely
John Oddy.


Anonymous said...

The few remaining Piers in this country have well and truly had their day. Colwyn Bay is in an ideal geographical position to create a thriving sex industry. Therefore creating a Los Vegas for licensed brothels, Porno cinemas,live sex shows, swingers weekends, sex shops, gay parades the list is endless. It will happen sooner than later, we do live in a time of need let Colwyn Bay take the lead. Come on Cllr Oddy take the bull by the horns!!!!!!
Mrs Griffiths.

John66 said...

I hope something comes of this as something needs to be done, CCBC need to stop wasting tax payers money on legal battles and costs and just negotiate a way that the pier can be made safe.

Councillor John Oddy said...

You are right, that is why I have been forced into such action. With luck this may push them into doing something.
On a different matter.... How's the Blog going?.