Thursday, 10 September 2009


“Safe Seats” are wards where Political Parties put their Candidate with an almost guaranteed chance of election. The only problem with this is when the candidate themselves are either disliked in the ward or have done something so wrong that they marginalise their chance of election. When you watch how parties stack-up, how they conspire and think, then it is not too hard to work-out their next move.
The local Conservatives, for example, have two wards here that are “Safe Seats” Rhiw and Rhos; they also have Councillors who, for whatever reason, will not be standing at the next Council Election so they have to find candidates to fill those vacancies, they also have a staunch Conservative, Margaret Lyons, who has angered and upset her constituents over in Llandudno, she by-passed planning by installing uPVC in her listed building and, eventually after public pressure, had to have wooden ones installed, she also defended herself quite badly by insisting she had spent years doing good work for the people of Llandudno and blamed a local blog and it’s readers of pettiness. She has, therefore, jeopardised her chances of re-election; so, the big question is, what are they going to do with her? I will answer that in a minute.
The Conservatives are also grooming up and coming Candidates and those that have already stood and failed, party connections are very important to the Conservatives as is “Toeing the line”, if, for example a staunch Conservative Councillor upsets the wrong people he or she could see the party whip withdrawn and they are left out in the cold. I can now reveal my prediction of one of the Conservatives moves...
Margaret Lyon will stand in the Rhos Ward, Chris Lyon will stand in the Rhiw Ward and his wife, Lyn Lyon, will also stand in the Rhiw Ward following the withdrawal of a long standing Conservative. I may be wrong, but I doubt it. The only problem the Conservatives can see is that none of these Candidates live in those wards, this wont bother them too much as they expect “Sheep voting” for their party anyway. I do wonder if any of them will put down for the Town Council too, considering that is an unpaid position I somehow don’t think so.

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The Lyons family are disliked immensely.