Wednesday, 16 September 2009


By now many of you will have received the self-proclaiming Council magazine “Bulletin”; apart from the fascinating insight into the fact that we now pay our County Councillors over £1 million pounds in allowances, all it does is tell us what an exceptionally great job our Councillors do for us whilst pocketing that money.
If the Council were serious about Public Consultation over their intent to build their posh, new offices in the centre of Colwyn Bay then surely this would have been the ideal vehicle in which to get their message across; alas no, they continue to withhold the facts from the public, instead of being open and honest about their intentions and then asking for our opinions they chose, instead, to ignore the subject entirely. Where is this Public Consultation? How many of us have been asked for our opinions?, the truth is they haven’t asked because they are scared of the answer.
The Councils intentions will have serious repercussions on Colwyn Bay, none less so than the fact that they want to use our Regeneration Grant to pay for it. The time has come to start petitioning your local County Councillor and tell him/her that if they want to keep their noses in the £1 million pound trough of tax payers money then they had better start to earn it and listen to what the people want and not what the Council Officers tell them they can have.

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