Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Some of you will have noticed the removal of the ability to post anonymously, this is to cut down on the number of post I have to delete daily that are; totally off topic, cut and pastes, Jewish conspiracy theorists and links to various You Tube footage that has nothing to do with anything useful. There is nothing to stop anyone from posting, you just need a google ID, it isn’t difficult and you’re real name will not be known.
I realise this may cut down on the number of actual comments but it will mean that with an ID we will know who is saying what. I do not foresee having to make postings any stricter so please continue to leave appropriate comments.

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Anti-gag said...

I've just read an article in Newsweek, that includes the following fact:
"A conservative think tank long funded by ExxonMobil, she told Boxer, had offered scientists $10,000 to write articles undercutting the new report and the computer-based climate models it is based on. "I realized," says Boxer, "there was a movement behind this that just wasn't giving up."

This seems to explain why some (unscrupulous) scientist deny climate change.

I've put a link to the article below.

"The truth about denial"

Chris Hill

The Lancaster blog has the same problem with anonymous postings, especially with the Jewish conspiracy nuts. These people seem to think that every thing bad is caused by Jews. Vetting these does indeed waste a lot of my time, but very occasionally they do come up with a good link so the Lancaster blog will continue to allow anonymous comments. But I do completely understand your actions in not allowing them.