Monday, 14 September 2009


Most of you are aware of my opposition to the Councils intent to use our Regeneration Grant for their own use in building offices for 600 of their staff in the centre of Colwyn Bay and that I think they have gone about it in a very undemocratic fashion. I was interested to know what had happened to the two proposals I had put forward in response to the Councils request for ideas, so I sent the following email to them..
As you are no doubt aware I am totally opposed to the Councils intentions to build offices in Colwyn Bay as are a lot of others including Councillors and community leaders.
Up to date I have sent in two proposals for the Regeneration Board, the one below and the Council supported proposal of a tram system, the latter being also supported by Mostyn Estates, the Civic Society and David Jones.
Neither the Town Council nor myself have heard from the Board on what action they have taken in relation to these proposals, the Council, at least, had confirmation of having received the proposal, I, unfortunately, didn't even receive that courtesy. I do know that David Jones has take a personal interest in this and will be writing to the board himself. I, however, would like to know if you could inform me of what progress the Town Council Proposal and the Town Centre Proposal (reproduced below) have made.

John Oddy

That email was sent 10 days ago and I am still awaiting a reply.
It further adds fuel to my speculation that the Council couldn’t give a toss about other proposals, they have already made up their mind to use the grant for their own needs and not necessary those of the Town. It is a sickening thought when those we voted in to help us do not listen to us and carry on regardless. Ask your County Councillor how they feel about these intentions and let me know their answers. Remind them, of course, that they are there to serve you, not the other way around. You can also remind them that if you are not happy with their decisions then there is always the next election to look forward to.

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