Tuesday, 17 February 2009


The Council meeting of today’s date, 16.02.09. saw my proposal of a tram system for Colwyn Bay passed. This means the proposal will now have the Town Councils backing when it is put in front of the Regeneration Board.
I was asked on numerous occasions to rephrase the proposal, my original proposal was to put forward the plan that encompassed Rhos-on-Sea and Eirias Park, we, eventually, agreed on non-commitment of a route and allow the Welsh Assembly to decide on how much they will allow us.
Despite the debating of wording, when it came to the vote only two of us voted for the proposal and only one voted against it, the other 12 Councillors present all abstained.
Regardless of that, I am extremely pleased to see the idea of a tram reach another level, I will, of course, continue to lobby on behalf of a tram system as I feel it is imperative that we have a link between the beach and the Town Centre.


Anonymous said...

Tram system - A White Elephant by any other name.

I am opposed to the tram system for the bay. It is ill conceived especially in the time of a finacial crisis and wholesale unemployment which is still on the increase. User and maintenance costs rule it out immediately. It would only be a burden on the tax payer. Let us not forget that Colwyn Bay is a seasonal resort. So I would support rickshaws or trishaws. This will help both the unemployed and the partially disabled. Its Ozone friendly at its best and minimal maintenance required. An efficient, reliable novelty. Now adopted in some cities, has this idea ever been put before the council. Gareth Owens.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Agreed, the main usage of the tram would be seasonal, in that as well as being an attraction in itself it would be used to transport the day-trippers from the beach up into town, something they rarely do now. Having said it is seasonal it would also be used to transport our local shoppers, our school children and those who wish to travel from Old Colwyn to Rhos and anywhere in-between.
The cost of running the entire tram system is approx £9.00 a day, the cost of a calor gas bottle. The maintenance would be as similar to cleaning a bus and the lines themselves are self cleaning.
Due to running cost I would hope we could come to an agreement where children in school uniform travel for free, reducing the morning and afternoon congestions leading to and from the schools.
As well as being energy efficient the tram gives off practically zero emissions and because of that is now to be tested in two American cities.
As far as I am aware nobody as approached the Council in regards to the use of rickshaws, although I do know they are having problems with them in London. You could dust off the old racer in the tool-shed and give it a go yourself!.