Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Yes there is a new joke shop opened in town, it’s the Labour Party’s Campaign Office!, a little shop on Abergele Road. You can pop-in at any time, there’s usually some clowns to tell you jokes and keep you amused!.
Credit where credit is due I didn’t think they would have the bare-faced cheek to open one, but, even I can be wrong sometimes!.
Donna Hutton was swooning over some low-level Minister who took 10 minutes off to officially open it ( well, he cut a hastily prepared red ribbon) before dashing off to get his snout back into the trough before it’s all gone and his time runs out.
You can imagine how the staff must feel, “What do we say if someone does come-in?”, a moments pause, no-one had thought of that!, “Just lie to them, we’ve got away with it for years, they wont notice a few more”.
How do you explain away years of sleaze and corruption, of bad management and incapability. How can you defend policies that have led to the downfall of this Country, made by a man who wasn’t even voted-in and has consistently misled all of us?. The truth is you can’t, we all know what Labour stand for and that is; “We’ll fill our pockets and those of the bankers, you lot look after yourselves!”.
Do they really think that opening a campaign office will do any good?, my advise would be to open a mental ward for anyone daft enough to be even considering voting Labour!.

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