Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Jacqui Smith is at the top of the food-chain in the Labour elite, she is the Home Secretary and, therefore, has more Parlimentary privileges than most. One of these being a “grace and favour” apartment in Whitehall, complete with it’s inbuilt security. She rejected the apartment and decided on the more financially rewarding concept of staying with her Sister and claiming it as her “Main residence”. Meanwhile her husband, whom she pays £40,000 a year to as her assistant, lives with their three children at their Redditch house, valued at £300,000.
She claims her Second home allowance of £22,000 per year on the Redditch property, even though her family are permanently in residence there, she pays her Sister rent and contributes to the household, how nice.
Now, legally, she is doing nothing wrong but morally she is just another fraudster taking public money openly and laughing at us.
So she can claim this £22,000 each year we, the taxpayer have to pay for the police protection on her sister’s house at a cost of £200,000 per year. If you add that up over the last five years or so, the length of time she has been claiming, her £116,000 has cost us in excess of £1 million.
Had she stayed in the “grace and favour” apartment she would have saved the Country £1,116,000 approx, is that not what politicians are supposed to do, what is best for the Country?.
In a nut-shell, just so she can get her chubby, grubby paws on an extra £22,000 she doesn’t mind the added cost of her protection, she claims her main residence IS NOT where her family is and she lets her “grace and favour” apartment lay vacant.
Is it any wonder, when the Labour hierarchy rob us blind, that the rest of the Labour party decide to get on the band-wagon and become embroiled in sleaze and scandal.
Jacqui Smith, instead of leading by example is, in fact, leading the queue of pigs to the trough!.

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