Thursday, 12 February 2009


I know this is the second bite of the cherry but it can’t be helped, Jacqui Smith just blunders from one crisis to another. She has got to be the worst Home Secretary in the history of Politics.
She has banned Geert Wilders, a Dutch Politician and Parliamentarian, from entering the UK. She says his outspoken views on Muslims would cause community discord.
Lord Ahmed threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims if Mr Wilders was allowed entry to the House of Lords to show his film “Fitna”, a film that, in itself does not promote violence or lead to incitement of violence.
The Labour party, in general, show appeasement to Muslims, even the extreme Muslim clerics who openly promote violence in the name of Allah. This, however, goes way beyond appeasement, this is sheer cowardice and double standards.
The 2Home Secretary has, recently, granted visas to two know terrorist leaders, inflammatory clerics and a rap singer who’s lyrics condone the murder of infidels. Yet a visiting dignitary is barred because of his right-wing views and the fact that he was prepared to debate them within our Parliament. His call to have the Koran banned in his own country is in keeping with the Dutch authorities who have banned Mein Kamp, both books having similarities in his opinion.
If a member of the House of Lords threatens the 2Home Secretary that he will mobilise 10,000 of his kind then let him do so but under no illusion that if he does so he will be strip of his title. We should not be dictated to by the Muslim communities, they are the ones who demonstrate on our streets carrying the banners proclaiming “To hell with freedom”, “Death to Infidels” and “We do not recognise British law” they are the ones that should adapt to our way of life and our rules and laws, not the other way around.
The newspapers worldwide are now ridiculing Britain for allowing this to happen and calling it a step further towards Eurabia, it is saddening that we were lead into this in the first place but it is sign that our greedy, gullible 2Home Secretary is totally incompetent of holding office, she should be sacked and allowed to fade into obscurity.


Anonymous said...

Meet Labour's City cronies: The roll call of bankers rewarded by Brown and Blair

Labour's intimate relationship with the financial industry has seen dozens of bankers given honours, appointed as ministers and given jobs on Government taskforces, reviews and quangos.
An analysis by the Daily Mail reveals that while ministers are now railing against the role of bankers in causing the economic crisis, they have spent the last decade cosying up to the industry.
Labour has given 23 bankers honours, brought three into the Government as ministers and involved 37 in commissions and advisory bodies.
Rewarding failure: Labour has given 23 bankers honours, brought three into the Government as ministers and involved 37 in commissions and advisory bodies
Seven have got jobs on quangos and agencies, ten have been appointed to various councils, and four were given life peerages.

Two banking chiefs have been appointed to senior posts inside Number Ten.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to free speech?
Britain was once renowned around the world for defending people's right to speak out. Not any more, J.P.

Councillor John Oddy said...

I have just had the very same argument with my son, he is of the namby-pamby left-wing brigade. He fails to see the point of allowing Mr Wilders freedom of speech, citing him as a Racist, this being the first card pulled by an over-educated leftie!.
The point, I have tried to explain, is not what the man says, but his right to say it. As a Nation we have to defend our right to free speech yet this Labour Government is whittling away at that right.