Wednesday, 11 February 2009


“Seafront Regeneration”, sounds great but how long as it been rumbling on?. “Grants have been secured” or “Welsh Assembly on board” are comments we’ve heard for years. I know I am now part of the bureaucracy that meddles it’s way through all the red tape associated with projects like this but even I get frustrated at how long it takes to get a decision on anything.
Town Councils have very little input on final decisions, suggestion we put forward are subject to discussion by us, then voting, then forwarding with recommendations to the relevant Board, they then decide if or not to put it to the County Council who then go through the same procedures as we did, they then put it to the Assembly Board who then decide whether to put it to the Assembly. Any problems or questions are passed up and down the chain and this can take months or years.
In years to come our kids will be on the beach sitting on their deckchairs, knotted hankies on heads, trousers rolled up, shouting at their grandkids and looking at the thousands of turbines dotted across the bay and wondering when the Seafront Regeneration will actually start?.

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Councillor John Oddy said...

Out of curiosity I just had a look at how long the Regeneration has been dragging on, it appears that the plan was unveiled in March 2002, seven years ago next month. So don’t hold your breath on anything happening soon!.