Monday, 19 January 2009


I am sure that Labour readers will have all the answers to the questions posed by this comment and I hope that, after reading this, you will kindly share those answers with all of us.
Gordon Brown is set to give another hand-out to the Banking industry that will put this Country into, unprecedented, debt of £1 Trillion, a debt that will take three generations of tax payers to repay, our grandchildren’s children will still be paying for the mess that this Labour Government has got us into.
Yet, this is ironic, Gordon Brown continues to give our money away in Foreign Aid, £100 Million to Africa, £92 Million to Pakistan and a staggering £825 Million, over the next three years, to India. This is on top of the £55 Billion it costs us last year to be part of the EU. When is Labour going to realise enough is enough?.
In the forthcoming European and General elections Labour will be putting up their candidates declaring we should vote for them, have they no shame?, do they, honestly, think we have not had enough of the lies, sleaze, corruption and totally bad leadership that they have displayed so far to date?.
In North Wales alone there are 60,000 people on the Council house waiting list yet the only thing our local Labour MP can complain about is being unable to get a hot meal on her first class train journey from London, when is Labour going to do anything to help the communities of North Wales?.
There has been no mention of a Public Enquiry into the over spending of this Government but, if there ever is one, it will be long overdue. Labour has succeeded where others have failed, they have brought this Country to it’s knees and they are bankrupting us in the process.

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