Monday, 5 January 2009


The anti Israeli protests in Bangor and Caernarfon this weekend were attended by Plaid Cymru members, why?, I don’t know, I can only assume they are out chasing votes.
Whilst I deplore the loss of civilian life I can fully understand Israel’s reason for invasion of the Gaza. If your neighbour stood in his garden and threw a brick through your window and it hit your child in the face you would run out, jump over the fence and punch his lights out, wouldn’t you?, I know I would.
Hamas is an internationally known terrorists organisation who’s sole purpose is the destruction of Israeli, they are the ones who put their rockets and bunkers in, under and around civilian structures, they are the ones who care so little for human life and it is they who brought about this catastrophic situation not the Israeli’s.
So, may I ask our friends in Plaid, in chasing a few votes do you realise you are supporting Terrorism?.



John, I have read your argument on this topic in the Llandudno Forum where you appear more passionate in your argument, you are, as you were called right wing and openly admit to your BNP sympathies, I am not BNP but I am drawn to some of your policies on immigration, could you give me any information about the party that may influence me to vote for them.

Councillor John Oddy said...

By “passionate” I presume you mean argumentative!.
Depending on what area you live in there will be a local BNP group, there is, for example, a new group in Llandudno and although I do know the group leader it would be unfair of me to give out his contact details on here. As you are aware I am no longer in the BNP and so it would be inappropriate of me to give out any advise on how you vote, remember I may be standing against the BNP at an election!. I can, however, give you the address of their web-site… you can contact them and I’m sure they will be able to assist you, good luck.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Cllr Oddy,

I do hope the local party don't waste its valuable resources fighting good honest councillors like yourself. There are enough Brownie pointers on every council to stand against, without trying to attack our own people.

Happy New Year.

Chris Hill