Thursday, 29 January 2009


Fair play to Nick Bourne, the AM Conservative leader, if there’s a fiddle going on he knows how to be part of it!.
He’s now been reported by the Police to the Electoral Commission for conning £3,450 out of the Assembly for his Surgery rooms, he really is a star!.
On top of that he claimed £1,800 for work done on a web-site that doesn’t exist, there really is no stopping this man once he gets his nose in the trough!, he said it was a Conservative group site when, in fact it was his own. He has changed the title of it now but it’s too late he’s already been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar!.
He’s not what one would call “a quick learner”, it’s only a few weeks ago he gave £250 to a charity after the ipod and trouser press fiasco. I said then and I’ll say it again, this greedy man as got to go, if he doesn’t resign he must be sacked, if the Conservatives want to retain any credibility they must demand his resignation.


Councillor John Oddy said...

Here is a copy of an email I sent to his web-site, why dont you ask the same question?...

Mr Bourne,
Amidst all the controversy of your expenses claims and the ever widening divide of the Party, will you now be tendering your resignation as leader of the Welsh Conservatives?.

Anonymous said...


Saturday 31st January is the day we have been promised a large march and rally will be inflicted on Liverpool with a cocktail of Left Wing and Black and Asian Self Interest Groups led by Shahid Malik MP, Searchlight, UAF, Alec El Gobo Macfadden, Idi Amin lookalike Weyman Bennett, The Black Police Association Vinnie Tomlinson, The Somali Association and many others including Little Black Sisters of The Poor under the banner of 'STOP THE BNP'

Sunday 1st February from 10pm - 2am a talk phone show run by Pete Price Talk City 105.6 telephone 0151 708 1059 txt 61025 put TALK space start message.

It is expected Gerry Gable/Nick Lowles and others will be given plenty of airtime. Has a representative from the BNP been invited to respond?

Supporters of the BNP should be encouraged to ring the Pete Price phone in, in order to have there views aired (but beware of making comment abouts Gays) Mr Price has stated in the past he is a conserative - whatever that may mean.