Friday, 16 October 2009


CCBC Planning Committee has, all but, agreed to allow the building of a 54 bed roomed hotel on the site of the old Railway Cottages. The wording of it is “Minded for Refusal unless conditions met” those conditions are being looked at by Travelodge to see if they are financially viable but don’t hold your breath hoping that they wont be. I will be writing to Phil Hardwick, Head of Planning, to voice my disapproval and ask for a list of the imposed conditions, one, I hope, is that should it fail as a hotel, or ceases to be a going concern then it must be demolished; otherwise we have a purpose build, 54 bed roomed, ready to go Rehab centre or homeless accommodation, which I believe is what CCBC wants anyway. The owners of Bay View Shopping Centre are the actual applicants and I , for one, will now do as little shopping in there as possible; this may be a cutting off of the nose to spite the face but sod ‘em, this application shows the contempt they have for local people so I shall reciprocate.
Every time this application came in front of the Town Council it was refused, the local community groups said they didn’t want it and the people of Colwyn Bay didn’t want it either but, apparently, Councillor Brian Cossey spoke strongly in it’s favour and the weak Planning Committee decided to go with him as apposed to all the other voices, a sure sign that democracy is alive and well but just not living in the minds of our County Councillors.


Anonymous said...

Its sad and comical to see you reduced to fighting over the use of Railway Cottagers When your countrys being Colonised by invaders you achive nothing constructive and you know it.
Your not alone i am sorry to say perhaps you all deserve what is surely coming.

Councillor John Oddy said...

I think the only thing “sad and comical” is your good self, once again you meddle in matters that do not concern you, as an outsider you have no interest in local issues; the same way I have no interest in your Jewish conspiracy theory.