Saturday, 24 October 2009


Having seen Betty Williams was on the list of supporters of the previous post I thought I would ask her outright if she supported the use of violence. Below is a copy of the email I sent to her via the HOP, she has taken her personal email off of her web-site.
Are any of you prepared to offer odds that I do not get a reply to the questions?...

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From: John Oddy
Dear Mrs Williams,
Having looked on the Unite Against Fascism web-site I see you are on the list of their supporters; in light of that may I then ask you if you condone the use of violence, civil unrest and assaults on our police?.
In recent days and weeks members of the UAF have been involved in many cases of civil unrest in which a significant number of their members have assaulted the police (6 officers injured at the riot outside the BBC), 30 of them arrested for public disorder in Birmingham, Manchester and London in which members of the public had to take shelter from them.
I realise you are not particularly liked by your constituents due to your lack of care on local issues spanning many years but I do believe you owe it to them to explain your support of such a criminal organisation such as the UAF.
I understand you will be extremely busy compiling your report on climate change that you studied so well out in Fiji, a report many of us look forward to reading, but, if at all possible, (I know your aversion to doing it) I would much appreciate an answer to the question.

Cllr John Oddy


Anonymous said...

Labour Conwy MP Betty Williams has already announced that she will be steping down at the next general election so its free wheeling until then so dont hold your breath waiting for a reply she is above replying i found from past experence.

Anonymous said...

You have been branded with a capital Z on your forehead Mr Oddy. (you cant see it, they can). Our enemy marks people from the outer circle working in akin to the layers of an onion. If I were you, I would get clued up and be pretty smart about it as there is no going back!!!!