Saturday, 10 October 2009


The case of Councillor Booth-Taylor; she has now moved to Pembrokeshire, which is hardly what one would call local to her constituents in Eglwysbach, reminds me of the case of Conservative Councillor Steve Wolfe, he moved to London and was reported to have kept claiming his allowance even though he never attended a meeting for over 6 months. It was also reported that he never returned his Council owned lap-top computer, perhaps only a few hundred pounds but, after all, our few hundred pounds.
Steve Wolfe was well reported in the local papers for his absence with fellow Councillors demanding his resignation and return of lap-top, which, I seem to recall, he never had. The papers actually covered this story for quite a few weeks causing a large percentage of embarrassment for the Council. So, one wonders, will they have learnt their lessons about Councillors who move well away from the area or are we going have another episode like the Wolfe one? As a lay-man one would expect a Councillor who moves away to be sacked, in reality that cannot happen, she must resign. So will she do the honourable thing or, as is expected, keep drawing her allowance and attend on the odd meeting or two to stop the Council forcing her to resign; she has her snout in our trough, why should she take it out, after all; think of the mileage allowance.

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