Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I have learnt today why Councillor Chris Hughes was so secretive regarding Council plans for the old Indoor Market. The Council are considering consolidating their Offices Accommodation into one building and the old Market is one of the sites being considered.
I was criticised by Councillor Hughes who said “The idea put forward by Councillor Oddy is short sighted; the idea of the Grant is to facilitate further employment within the town”. If these offices are given the go-ahead they will be staffed by existing employees of the Council and will not create new jobs. At least my ideas for the site created between 40 and 60 new positions.
The Assembly Building in Princess Drive is struggling to let out office space and I would suggest that once the Assembly buildings in Llandudno Junction are finished the Assembly staff from the Bay could move there. In doing this it would give the Council ample Office Accommodation with parking spaces.
The idea of the Regeneration Grant is to regenerate the Town not supply the Council with office space. Whereas there is no evidence to suggest the Council would use the Grant money for this project they would be depriving the Town of a centrally located building plot for their own senseless needs. The last thing we want in Colwyn Bay is more offices needing parking spaces; we want an attraction, something to draw people to the Town.
Colwyn Bay is dying on its very feet in front of these pompous oafs on the County Council and they are so blind they cannot see it. This shameful, selfish act is a mark of contempt that goes beyond acceptability and needs to be addressed immediately.


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