Monday, 4 May 2009


It would appear that Abergele Councillors can see the advantage of returning to a market town, shame Colwyn Bay Councillors couldn’t. There are talks going on to restore the market on the seafront. The market, formerly on the Tesco site, would be sited on Pensarn promenade. It is said the market would reinvigorate the town and be an asset to everybody concerned. Funnily enough I’m sure that’s what I said about increasing ours.
The crux of the matter is our Council couldn’t see the benefits of extending our market and becoming a proper Market Town and yet Abergele can. In defence of our Council, Councillor Chris Hughes put forward an argument against the market that I couldn’t argue with because he refused to say what the old indoor market is ear-marked for, if it turns out to be shops with flats above, which I suspect, then there will be an argument.
I wish Abergele well with their plans and remember; when you have to get on a bus to go there to do your shopping it wasn’t me that said no to our market it was Councillor Chris Hughes, a Labour Councillor.

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