Saturday, 23 May 2009


Congratulations to James Trueman on being selected as the Parliamentary Candidate for the BNP.
I know James personally both from my time in the party and as a friend; he is a hard working Nationalist, honest and utterly reliable. Over the years James has worked extremely hard and is well deserving of his selection. He is of the highest integrity, genuine and industrious. Although an outwardly quiet man James has the passion and drive that will make him a formidable opponent of the liars and thieves that grace the halls of mainstream politics.
It will not be long before the backstabbing and sleaze mongering starts, our local politicos will start the whisperings, as they always do, too scared to slither from under their well tended stones and publically denounce anyone, they prefer the tactics of cowards and will, invariably, link James and myself through our friendship. We, all of us, are well aware of these tactics; they stretch all the way to No 10 and to the very core of our corrupt Labour Government. The good thing is; we are now fully aware of what to expect from these invertebrates and the depths they are prepared to stoop to.
We, as voters, have the final say and I, for one, have had enough of lies and corruption, it is time to bring the main parties to account so I can honestly say James will be getting my vote.


Anonymous said...


lamist Mobs Destroying Democracy in Britain: Threaten to Attack BNP Billboards
May 22, 2009
Two British National Party election advertisement billboards in different parts of the country came under threat from mobs of Islamists this afternoon. One billboard was covered up after the mob intimidated the police by threatening to attack.

The first sign of trouble came in the West Midlands where an Islamist mob emerged from a local mosque after Friday prayers - where they had possibly been stirred up during the sermon - and threatened a BNP billboard advertising ‘British jobs for British workers,’ according to BNP press officer Simon Darby.

“The police were called in to protect the billboard, which they did, despite the mob taunting them, threatening Jihad and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and other such militant Islamist slogans,” Mr Darby said.

“The outbreak of militancy appears to have been coordinated, because at almost the same time, a BNP advertising billboard in Luton was surrounded by a similar mob. They were also shouting Islamist slogans and carrying items which were clearly intended to be used to set fire to it,” he continued.

“The billboards do not even mention Islam or Islamism, and merely call for British people to be given jobs, so the cause of the Islamist militancy obviously lies elsewhere,” he said.

According to Mr Darby, the local police in Luton then ordered that the billboard be covered up “for public safety.”

“In other words, mobs can threaten violence in the street and instead of being arrested, the police and authorities cower down and submit to whatever these mobs want,” Mr Darby said.

“Forcing the BNP to cover up its billboard underlines the fact that Britain is being colonised by Islam and that this is leading to the suppression of democracy.

“This is what the immigration policies of successive Tory and Labour governments have created: A situation where a violent mob of Islamists can dictate to the public which party they have a right to hear.”

Mr Darby said the BNP was not going to be intimidated into backing down. “We have too much at stake,” he said. “We are the only party which opposes the Islamification of Britain and we will not be put off by threats of violence from these people.

“The BNP will never stop until it has reclaimed this land for its indigenous people, so those who seek to destroy Britain had better accept this or leave.”

Councillor John Oddy said...

I do not “Second” anything that is against democracy.
These people were and are wrong in their actions. This is still a Country of free speech, even if you do not agree with what is being said you have to agree with a persons right to say it.

Anonymous said...

To late I have already herd you are still in the BNP along with a bloke from Rhiw bank terrace

Anti-gag said...

The vast majority of BNP members are of a very high quality indeed, but that's not surprising given the intimidation they often have to put up with. Strength of character is often needed simply to stand against the yes men of our society. From what John has said here, James Trueman has that strength of character.

Chris Hill

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 12.10,
I have no doubt you have; I will not go into the reasons why I am not, they are well documented already. I do not suppose you know of, or care to divulge, the source of these allegations?

James is the best possible choice your party has around here, although, from what I have seen and heard, that choice is now limited.
The BNP in NW Wales has suffered greatly and are virtually unheard of, despite what is written on the web-site, there has been no evidence that the BNP are active in this area. Wrexham and NE Wales may be doing well but it has been at the expense of NW Wales.
Having said that it does not detract from what I have said in regards to James, He is, without doubt, the best man for the job and I know he will work tirelessly, even if its on his own, to accomplish what it is he sets out to do and I wish him every success.

Anti-gag said...

Hi John,

Yes it really is very frustrating, success (in terms of group building) is simply being shifted from one area to another. It's almost as if someone wants to milk an area of its resources then move on.

I was out canvassing in Morecambe town centre on Saturday, and the support was better than I've ever seen in over 10 years of membership. But we are simply not in a position to take advantage of that support at local level.

However with the EU elections just days away I'm going to hold off criticising the leadership for the moment.

Keep well.
Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

I do not “Second” anything that is against democracy This is still a Country of free speech, even if you do not agree with what is being said you have to agree with a persons right to say it......
That is no longer the case and you must know that!