Saturday, 16 May 2009


David JonesConservativeClwyd WestBasic salary: £63,291Plus expenses and allowances (2007/08):Staying away from home £22,632Office running costs £18,588Staffing costs £81,955Stationery £497Associated Postage Costs £2,011Computer Equipment £984Commons Allowance £9,806 Total £136,473Declaration of interests:Senior partner at David Jones & Company, solicitors. Leasehold office premises in Llandudno and rented freehold retail premises in Wrexham County BoroughHow he voted on key issues since 2001:Voted for introducing a smoking ban. Voted against introducing ID cards. Voted against Labour's anti-terrorism laws. Voted for an investigation into the Iraq war. Voted for replacing Trident. Has never voted on equal gay rights. Has spoken in 32 debates in the last year Has received answers to 58 written questions in the last year — above average amongst MPs.


Anonymous said...

A bodyguard tells us we need to move: we're attracting unwanted attention. A final question, then. What about the argument that Griffin is a liability to his party because of his Holocaust-denying past? "Because of my talent for horrifically vicious sound bites that come back to bite me, you mean? That's as maybe. I can probably take the party to an 18 per cent threshold but the final step to power will have to be taken by someone else. Before long things that nationalists said when they were young may become like John Reid saying he was a member of the Communist Party when he was young."

Councillor John Oddy said...

David Jones MP - Expenses 2009-10 : Sheet1

Date of Claim Allowance Description of Claim Amount (£)

07/05/2009 Communications Expenditure Surgery Advert in local press 47.15

HolidaysForFun said...

I heard he is an OK MP.