Sunday, 10 May 2009

IF THE CAP FITS..........

I have never tried to hide the fact that I am ex-BNP or that I still share sympathy with some of their policies, end open door immigration, a swift exit from the EU and a return of corporal punishment and National Service. I am, in fact, a great believer in Nationalism and anti our corrupt Labour Government.
My resignation and those of Paul and Sue Harley were well publicised and reported, not only in local papers but the left-wing rags had a field day with it, Communist based Searchlight were close to orgasmic, it take very little to over excite them.
I am also well documented in my admiration of the grass root membership of the BNP, their determination and drive under such restrictive conditions is to be praised, they have striven to bring the party to the very edge of a mainstream breakthrough, they should be proud of their achievements.
Nevertheless I took the decision to leave the party, this was for personal reasons and disagreements with the Welsh leadership, we all have different visions of what is right and wrong and it is up to the individual where he/she draws the line.
With all that in mind it is therefore surprising that I still receive comments suggesting I am still a member of the party, even worse, a County Councillor going around telling the electorate I am still a member. Being a Labour Councillor I can only put it down to the dirty, unscrupulous tricks that Labour are now well known for but I will say this; it is coming very close to the point where this Labour Councillor will have two options ... Put-up or Shut-up. I have never been known to back-down from confrontation and this is one sleaze-monger I would love to put in his place.


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Not so long ago, The head of a department would resign if their was a hint ot any falsification or corruption in their department.

What I and others find incredible, there has not been one resignation from a MP in this Labour government, they are outraged that they have been caught with their hands in the till. It is equally disgusting that Labour Cllrs. who reflect and support the labour party have not had the courage or moral decency to resign from Nu Labour knowing the last ten years of this government have all but destroyed this country. Whatever happened to principles?

Mrs. Lloyd-Jones

Anonymous said...

A FORMER Lord Mayor of Manchester has branded the BNP as the 'grandchildren of Hitler'.

Coun Afzal Khan says the British National Party share the same ideas as the Nazi Party, who persecuted Jews and many others before and during the Second World War.

He was speaking at a meeting on 'community cohesion' at Manchester Jewish Museum on Cheetham Hill Road.

The museum is near to where recent anti-terror raids resulted in 12 Pakistani nationals being arrested. They were later released without charge, but are facing deportation.

Coun Khan said: "The rise of the BNP to a level we have not seen for 30 years can strengthen the relationship between the Muslim and Jewish communities.


Councillor John Oddy said...

The only reason I published this “cut and paste” was because you actually added the last line yourself.
No, I do not “second” it; I do not think there will ever be cohesion between the Jews and the Muslims and, as far as the comments regarding the BNP, I think his words are those of a very worried man. He is not alone though, all Labour Councillors, although denying it, will be very worried, they are not blind to the mess this Government has led us into and they know their chances of being re-elected are, at best, slim. So yes, they should fear the BNP but only because it is them that will be taking their places after the next elections.