Saturday, 27 March 2010


The results of the Glyn Ward by-election were, to say the least, disappointing; not only because of the result but also that it shows there are still people in Colwyn Bay stupid and ignorant enough to vote for Labour. These are the same people who whinge and whine about the state of the Town, the County and the Country yet, like sheep, they continue to vote for the same old same old, when will they learn that change has to start at grass root level?
If we look at the results....

AUSTIN Martin (Independent) 26
BURROWS Margaret (Plaid) 121
FORECAST Keith (Lib Dems) 78
HUNT Steve (Independent) 62
PORTER Donald (Labour) 150
Trueman James (BNP) 35

The trend shows that the Political Parties took the main share of the votes, yet these are the parties that most of us complain about; pure and simple “Sheep voting”. At this level of local Government Independent candidates do not have to follow party lines and can, therefore, say and do what their constituents want and not what the party tells them, there is too much politics in local Government which is exactly what there shouldn’t be, it should be about what the people want and not what the political parties think they should have. Labour are the worst offenders and, for over a decade, have rammed down our throats their lies and sleaze, eroded our very way of life and led us into unprecedented debt YET 150 members of Glyn ward were pig-ignorant enough to go out and vote for it to continue, 150 Midland Bankers who deserve to feel totally ashamed of themselves for their utter stupidity. You really do have to think about the mentality of these tossers and it makes you wonder if they are really worth banging your head against a wall for.
The people of Glyn Ward had the chance to send a message to the “establishment” but they blew it, they rolled over like whipped dogs and said “come back and kick me some more, I like it”, what pathetic, foolish people they are to allow themselves to be deluded into thinking Labour will be any different than they have been already with their secrecy and deceit.
The next time a road is dug up in Colwyn Bay and replaced with grey waste land or a traffic warden gives you a ticket or you get mugged by a bunch of feral youngster whilst treading in dog shit stop for a minute and say “thank you” to the 150 ham-shankers in Glyn Ward who voted for it to continue.


Carneades said...

Enough of this pussy-footing around, John; say what you really think...

Councillor John Oddy said...

I’m afraid I daren’t, I’d have to censor myself too much!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this explains why there are more than 150,fools.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say your right again Mr Oddy.

Anonymous said...

you pathetic fool. What a terribly sad and lonely man you must be to criticise people who are clearly not foolish enough to ever suport you!!!

Anonymous said...


You blind guides. You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel! (Mathew 23:24)

Anonymous said...

I notice you didn't post my reply, can you not take criticsm? Too quick to dole it out.