Thursday, 21 January 2010


It appears that my announcement in regards to the BNP calling a by-election has caused a few feathers to be ruffled.
Word has it that any Labour candidate put forward will be viewed has having links to Labours Chris Hughes and will therefore be viewed with suspicion. The prospective Conservative candidate has now decided not to stand and has pulled out. Plaid, as yet, hasn’t got a candidate and the BNP are already busy canvassing.
Labour have a tough decision to make, dump Chris Hughes and retain credibility or keep him on and risk losing to the BNP, their third option is; not to stand a candidate in a Labour stronghold, this would be viewed as capitulating to the BNP and bring them in for extremely strong criticism from all parties, including their own. I, almost, feel sorry for them, not really, they made a rod for their own backs by allowing Chris Hughes to continue in the way that he has so now they must pay the consequences.
The Conservatives can, at least, fall back on the old story of it being Labour’s responsibility but that is old news and will no longer wash, I believe JFS will be having a strong word with Merfyn Thomas to find a new candidate and quick!
Plaid; being Plaid, they will wait patiently until asked and then say “By-election, what by-election?”


Steve Hunt said...

I've just had a reporter on to see if my comment about standing at the election was serious or just tongue-in-cheek.

I'm serious.

Many, many times over the past 6 years I've lived in the Bay people have told me I should stand for Council - always because I speak my mind, do not suffer fools, and will not be bullied.

Of course, when the Pier was open 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, I couldn't possibly have found any time to give to the position... but now, thanks to the actions of CCBC, I have the time. Call it political, poetic, justice.

So, I decided "what the hell", could I possibly do any worse a job than some long-serving Councillors like Chris Hughes? - I think not.

Also good to see that reporters are closely following local blogs - I'm guessing they find out an awful lot about what is REALLY going on in the world from these kind of sources?

Anonymous said...

Is that the back of Cllr Oddys head I see before me.

former 'democratically elected' Cllr Maratos said...

I would support Steve Hunt -- Colwyn Bay needs councillors like John Oddy and Steve Hunt, and at the next election the must be voted in as County Councillors.
As former ‘democratically elected councillor’ who supported (and supports) Steve Hunt and the pier and a cllr who also signed the online petition, I resigned from the council due to victimisation and harassment by Chris Hughes and others.
A few years ago I was one of two people who exposed fraud and corruption at a red brick university and had to present arguments in court against a barrister from a leading London firm; I was tough enough for that, but even I was not thick skinned enough to cope with the victimisation, harassment, malicious lies and rumours spread by certain councillors and staff of a funded or part funded ‘community organisation’ that has close links with these councillors.
I have long been aware of the contempt many people in Colwyn Bay have towards councillors and at last nights meeting in the Town Hall, some members of the public were happy to call councillors ‘scum’ to their faces (should they have been brave enough to admit they were councillors!)

Anonymous said...

Some Glyn Ward Residents who will support you - and hope you are successful - have posted on colwynbayblogs.blogspot
After you read this blog, it is fairly obvious that 'Glyn Ward Needs Someone Like You!'
When you need leaflets distributing, these Glyn Ward Residents are voluteering!

Steve Hunt said...

You can rest assured that the likes of Cllr Chris Hughes will NOT bully, intimidate or harass me!

CCBC have tried throwing crap at me for 6 years - and it hasn't exactly worked for them has it... sure, they've caused a temporary blip to my business, but they will all certainly be made to pay for it very dearly indeed.

There is nothing more pathetic or weak than a bully - Bodlondeb is full of them.

It is going to be a fun election!