Thursday, 21 January 2010


It pleases me to see that there are other people who do not agree with our co-option process of new Councillors. The vacancy on Colwyn Bay Town Council will now be decided by a costly By-election and not by the normal co-option process.
The election has been called by the BNP; their candidate, James Trueman, told me that he felt it was the only way that democracy stood a chance against the system of co-option now adopted by the Town Council, currently any candidate must have 51% of the vote to win as opposed to the old “First past the post” system, which I wanted to keep but was out-voted.
As James said; “The system you have now favours those with friends or political allies already on the Council, people like me wouldn’t stand a chance unless we go to the trouble of calling a by-election”
I agree with him, our current voting process is flawed and because of that we now have to go to the very expensive process of a By-election. It is not the BNP or James Trueman that is to blame for this expense but the short sightedness of Councillors, by voting for this undemocratic process we opened the gates for complaints, we called the tune; we must now pay the piper.
The BNP’s actions will now cause a flurry of activity from the other major parties who will try to keep the BNP out, thus causing them headaches that could otherwise have been avoided had they not tried to be clever in changing our co-option process.
Me; I’m going to sit back and watch the likes of our Labour Councillors run around like headless chickens trying to find a candidate whilst decrying the BNP as a Racist, Fascist Party who have no place in our politics, then, at the end of it all, I’m going to vote for James who I know is a honest and decent person.
Stuff ‘em!

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Steve Hunt said...

Excellent news, I think I shall stand as an Independent candidate - given how outspoken I am, no party is likely to come a-knocking on my door wanting me to represent them!.

I wonder if anyone will vote for me, knowing what a "thorn in their side" (their own words) I am for CCBC?

For the record: I have never had any issues with Colwyn Town Council, though I do have big issues with a certain Town Councillor due to his behavior in regards to "Friends of the Pier"

The boys at Bodlondeb will be delighted by this news, I'm sure... probably have to call another secret meeting to discuss how they can stop me standing as a candidate now - bless 'em.