Friday, 15 January 2010


A week from today and we have the Public Meeting in regards to the Pier, David Jones, who is chairing the meeting, would like the people thinking of attending to let his office know, it’s a local number..... 01492 535845.
CCBC, the people most likely to benefit from this meeting have not yet, officially, declared whether they will attend or not, unofficially you can bet your bottom dollar it’s the later, whenever have CCBC been interested in what the people of Colwyn Bay have had to say?
They are, however, holding their own, by invitation only, meeting on Wednesday 22nd January at 8.30am in the Medium meeting room at Bodlondeb. The meeting is for Colwyn Bay County Councillors and Councillors involved in the Seafront Regeneration, no idea what the agenda is because the meeting does not appear on their calendar but, by law, should be minuted..... stop laughing at the back. I tried to get an invite, being a local Councillor, but was firmly put in my place and told “the meeting is for COUNTY COUNCILLORS only” which, translated means; “We don’t want obnoxious little Town Councillors here”.
This will be CCBC’s chance to hear what the people want to see happen, the chance to see how much it is affecting local people and the biggest opportunity yet to show the people of Colwyn Bay that they really do care what happens to us and our town. If, as I suspect, they do not turn up then this will be further proof, if it were needed, of the utter contempt that the Council and it’s Councillors show to the people of Colwyn Bay.


gingernut eater said...

I have my tomatoes at the ready for Cllr Hughes - although he is a waste of good tomatoes really...

Steve Hunt said...

CCBC apparently do not keep minutes of any of the secret meetings they have about me, obviously they don't want me to be able to get any more evidence of their corrupt practices than I already have.

You can think I'm paranoid by all means, but before you do, consider the responses of the Council to these Freedom of Information Requests for copies of Council minutes:

(The above secret meeting is very interesting indeed, since those officers summonsed to it were instructed by a senior officer to cover their tracks by marking their time down as being "out of office"... I am personally named as being the subject of the meeting.)

If you get through that lot, then well done! - now, regardless of what you may think of me personally, ask yourself if I am the one being unreasonable for asking for information that should already be in the public domain, or if CCBC are being unreasonable by persistently breaking the law in refusing to release it?

The law says the council MUST have minutes for these meetings - therefore we have to assume they have (otherwise by default they are admitting to breaking the law!). SO it follows that they have the information, but are refusing to release it - which is against the law under the Freedom of Information Act.

Unfortunately, as an individual, I cannot take legal action against the Council under the FOI (a fact they use to their benefit)... however, I DID take them to Court under the similar Data Protection Act, and WON a landmark case which forced them to give up private documents between themselves and their external Lawyers - DWF of Manchester. One of these documents, in particular, proves perjury by a certain Council Officer beyond any doubt. That officer will be publicly named and shamed at the meeting on the 22nd.

Oscar said...

As of yesterday, CCBC were NOT sending an officer!