Friday, 22 January 2010


Hi John, could I ask you to please publish the following on your blog - as I know many people from the bay read it who do are probably not on the pier mailing list:

Please pass on my thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend the meeting, particularly those who couldn't get in. I thougth a lot would turn out, but even I was astonished when I went outside to see people had filled the road.

I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to more of you personally, especially of course those who had travelled some distance.

I did have a lovely chat with the lady who had come all the way from Huddersfield! - who was delighted to have met up with a childhood friend from the bay at the meeting who she hadn't seen for many years!

It has at time felt like a bit of a lonely battle over the past few years, but now I am re-invigorated due to the overwhelming support of people as passionate about the pier as I have always been.

I hope this massive momentum will now be put to good use, and pressure piled on CCBC to TALK TO ME (or even my lawyers!) so we can resolve the legal issues and get back on with the job of trying to do something with the Pier.

Please everyone do your bit to lobby your Councillor, and even better still the Local Government Ombudsman for Wales whose details are at

If anyone would like to keep updated directly, please join the mailing list on the pier website at

Lastly, it would be very remiss of me not to thank David Jones MP for all the time he has spent on this issue over the past couple of years, and to the Newspapers, Radio and TV for doing their best to keep the public informed under such tight reporting restrictions.

Keep it up - CCBC cannot possibly ignore the people who pay their wages any longer.

Thanks one and all,

Steve Hunt.


Anonymous said...

I hope the pier survivies but question whether or not the pier owner accepts any responsibility for the current situation?
All the problems and issues I have heard about last night seem to due to someone or something else and surely that cannot be the case?

Steve Hunt said...

It is the case, I accept no responsibility whatsoever.

The leader of CCBC, Goronwy Edwards, was invited to settle out of Court, but REFUSED to even talk about it. I challenged him at the meeting Friday night to deny this in front of approx 250 people, but he did not - best he could manage was a cowardly mumble. No doubt if he accuses me of telling untruth in this matter, he will be instructing his lawyers to sue me for Libel and Slander come Monday morning. Cllr John Oddy and David Jones MP both have copies of this letter I sent to Goronwy Edwards, and a copy of an internal memo of his response.

What do you suggest I should have done? given in to these pathetic bullies?

CCBC created the legal mess entirely of their own free will, in full knowledge of all the facts, knowing absolutely that they were attempting to defraud me of money I never owed them.

They LIED to the Courts, it is as simple as that.

They also unlawfully (subsequently proven in Colwyn Bay Court) denied me access to any of the documents I needed to either substantiate or defend their allegations in Court. Quite simply, I had no way of defending their false allegations, and so the Judge when faced with a fat file of papers of 'evidence of debt' from CCBC, and absolutely no evidence from me (at the time) that it was fabricated lies, decided that on the balance of probability he thought CCBC were more likely to be correct than I. Hence he allowed their bankruptcy petition to go through.

It is as simple as that.

CCBC keep trying to pull the wool over the eyes of you all by referring to the "complex legal situation" - is is NOT complex. CCBC LIED AT EVERY SINGLE STAGE OF COURT ACTION.

Don't be fooled.

Don't doubt what I say until you have asked CCBC for yourself! Go and ask them whether or not I owe them £5,144.88p - and ask them to put the answer in writing. Report back on the answer they give you.

Whilst you're at Bodlondeb, ask them how many tens of thousands of pounds this has already cost YOU as a rightfully concerned council tax payer.

Anonymous said...

John I would ask you to think before throwing your weight behind Steve Hunt. Honest he maybe but without any real political knowledge, akin to being cast adrift on the high seas. One must heed little snippets from ones punters who describe Steve as an excitable fellow, this should not be mistaken for enthusiasm.
Lucinda Crimp. (Mrs)