Monday, 17 August 2009


Violence against children in the home is an abhorrent thought but, regrettably, it does happen...
This headline, however, made me think of how many times I have nearly lost my temper with groups of teenagers; my pet-hate is when they deliberately saunter out in front of your car and sneer at you as if you are in the wrong, I now put my foot down and watch them scatter. A few weeks ago I dropped into get a take away from the chippie on Abergele Road, from where I was I saw a group of 6 or 7 youngsters, 15-16 year olds, giving a middle aged lady a hard time, I shouted at them to pack it in, “Piss-off you old twat” was the response and they continued to mock the lady, I walked towards them and they ran off, the lady thanked me and hurried away. Had they stood their ground it would have put me in an awkward position, on his own a 15-16 year old could be subdued and controlled quite easily but with a group of them I would have had to use considerable violence to protect myself and thereby leaving myself open to all sorts of allegations of assault, which brings us back to the headline. “Violence against Kids”; in the home it is totally unacceptable but I can see it could be justifiable in the street and, from my experiences, deservedly so too.

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