Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Last nights Council meeting saw the co-option of Lyn Lyon, Councillor Margaret Lyon’s daughter-in-law, onto the Council; it was expected but, nevertheless, well fought against, as I have said before politics at this level of Local Government should not really come into it.
The issue of the Pier was raised and our County Councillors left the Chamber whilst we debated and voted on matter, it was agreed to write to CCBC over the condition of the Pier and to invite Steve Hunt to address the Council.
We received an address from David Jones MP, he, too, urged the CCBC to take action over the Pier and to expedite the on-going situation concerning it. He also brought up the concerns of Policing and how concerned we all are about drugs and the dealing of them. He did question how the CCBC came to their theory that new Council offices in the Bay would bring about more shoppers considering that the new proposed offices would house a subsidised canteen and that most people do their weekly shop by habit at weekends. The rise in the amount of cars needed to transport the workers was also a concern as was the parking of those cars. He further went on to say how the Town Council should be kept better informed and included more in the proposals for the Regeneration of Colwyn Bay, something I will not hold my breath waiting for. In my opinion the Council have already decided to build their offices, regardless of what is said or done, it will be a great money earner for them and why should they worry about what happens to Colwyn Bay in the future, they don’t have to live here.

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