Wednesday, 8 April 2009


It would appear I am starting to upset a few County Councillor with my constant questioning and complaining…..good!, maybe they will do something about it.
In and around Colwyn Bay there are lots of minor repairs that are constantly missed, eg; broken benches, street lights not working, broken rubbish bins and uneven walkways. Anything like that, if you see it, I would like to know about it. Tell me the problem, the nature and exact location of it and I will report it and have the complaint logged. If, after 14 days the problem hasn’t been rectified get back in touch with me and I can find out why the repairs have not been carried out.
For those reading this on another site you can lodge your complaint here.. … under the heading LOCAL COMPLAINTS.
Every legitimate complaint will be forwarded to the relevant department, logged, followed up and reported on.

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Anonymous said...

Must be an election coming up.