Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Channel 4 Dispatches showed how we, the tax payers, are being ripped-off by the hogs of Westminster...
Surprise, surprise Labour MPs came in for the biggest slating although they were not alone, even the hated Michael Martin, Speaker of the House, came under fire but, regrettably, declined to comment.
The most entertaining moment was one of Jacqui Smith’s constituents saying she was only fit to work in Tesco’s, personally I think that was an insult to Tesco workers!
The question of expenses and the misuse of it filter down to our own County Councils; I have always said and will continue to say some of our County Councillors are there purely for the money, either as an easy income or to top-up their pensions. An easy way to spot this is to see which County Councillor puts his/her name forward to be Town or Community Councillors, both being unpaid, the greedy ones opt for the County only knowing that that is where the money is. We need our Council to be decisive and efficient ours, in my opinion, is neither, we need to cut-out the dead wood that is causing the rot to spread, there are within the Council “Career Councillors” those that have been there for years and achieved nothing but an easy income. They are not hard to spot, study the list of Councillors on the web-site, see their interests, whether they are bothered to be on committees or panels, look at their attendance records to see if they can be bothered to turn up or not. Look at and listen to what is being said about individual Councillors, even some Labour Councillors get good reports but don’t hold your breathe looking for them. Finally don’t vote for a Candidate purely on what Party they stand for, the old “ I always vote ......” is the wrong way to vote, vote for the one you think will do the best for your community and not what is best for their Political party.


Anonymous said...

You need to bite the bullet and get back into the party to have any impact !

Anonymous said...

Seems to me your a kin to conscientious objector rejoin the troop now and get stuck in. This is the time all hands are needed there wont be a second round in this country before it falls.

Councillor John Oddy said...

I’m afraid that whilst Nick Griffin comes out with such comments as “There are no Asian or Black Britons” there will be no need for “All hands to the pumps”. It is comments like that that set the BNP back by decades destroying any good work that activists may have done.
I certainly wouldn’t want to be a party member trying to defend such an indefensible comment as that, it is pure lunacy, on his part, to even contemplate he would be taken seriously by party members, never mind the voting public.
To my way of thinking he is now doing the party more harm than good and should step down as both leader and MEP candidate.