Thursday, 23 April 2009


Well, the Budget came with no real surprises, we all took a hammering, beer, cigs and fuel all going up. What was laughable was Labours expected rate of recovery; they must really think we are all as stupid as they are! They hit the rich with the 50p in the £ tax hike but lets be honest how many of them will end-up paying it, they’ll either move out of the Country or employ a fancy accountant to wriggle their way out of it. It was an “election budget” that promises more than it offers. We can only hope that gormless Gordon calls an early election and we can dispense with Labour’s decade of depict.
Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Donna Hutton, graced the front page of the Pioneer this week, looking as cheerful as a turkey at Christmas (She’d probably just seen the budget), she is obviously trying to scrape a few votes together, hoping not to lose her £500 deposit. She and Cllr Chris Hughes are shown holding “Outrage” papers in connection with proposals to build new houses on the Glyn Farm land. The only outrage is that they, as Labour’s local heroes, will claim this as a Labour victory should the Council decide not to build there. It is stunts like this that are the epitome of the Labour Party, they give the appearance of caring about our communities but, in reality, they are there purely as a gimmick to harvest votes for a Party that has destroyed Britain.

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