Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I am bone tired of out of control yobs roaming our streets and getting away with murder....
When are we going to get tough with this culture of violence?. Our Courts have their hands tied by weak Government policy, our Police are snowed-under with paperwork and Political Correctness; the yobs and gangs are having a field-day.
We need to deter those who think violence is acceptable, the punishment of a slapped wrist and a tenner out of the poor box has been proven not to work. We are told the Government are getting tough on knife crime, are they hell. A deterrent to all is what is required, the policy makers should get to grips with reality and stop the mamby-pamby approach.
Anyone who carries a knife does so with the intent of using it, why else carry it?. The sentence for being in possession of a knife should be 10 years imprisonment, anyone using or causing injury with one; the sentence should be life imprisonment. That is a “Deterrent” and one that few would want to risk suffering.
The same applies to firearms, nobody who has used firearms professionally did so for fun or carried it as a fashion accessory, guns kill; that is what they were intended for and that is what they do. Caught carrying a firearm should carry with it the charge of “Intent to kill” and be a statutory life sentence. Using one or actually killing someone should be punishable by a return of the Death Sentence.
Over the last 20 years the level of violent crime, in particular knife and gun crime, has become so prolific that we now accept it as a normal occurrence, well, it isn’t and we shouldn’t. Get really tough with it now otherwise we will all need to be carrying guns to protect ourselves from the maniacs who now have them.


BB said...

Get really tough with it now otherwise we will all need to be carrying guns to protect ourselves from the maniacs who now have them.
You are advocating the same reason a lot of kids carry knives?

Councillor John Oddy said...

I am saying if we do not stamp-out the growth of gun culture then we will see a rise in the number of civilians who will feel a need to protect themselves, an American view of the right to bear arms. None of us want that, so to stop it happening we have to stamp-out the culture now and the only way to do that is the deterrent of a life sentence or, if a weapon is used, the death penalty.
I take your point that “If they have a gun, I want one” , which is what we have in our youth of today but how many innocent lives have to be lost before something is done to end it, do you have a better suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Arm the police and arm the public more people are killed by doctors in the U.S.A. than guns.