Wednesday, 29 July 2009


These are my sentiments entirely, yet when I said the same thing I was branded a “Fascist” and “Racist”, will the limp wristed Laborites who’s slimy grip on our Country is rapidly diminishing crawl out from under their stones and brand this Judge with the same stigma?, I surely doubt it.


Biggles said...

so what does that prove bar institutional racism from a white upperclass member of the judiciary

Councillor John Oddy said...

Nice to re-new your acquaintance, still dog-fighting with Boscar?
Once again an immediate leap onto the racism band-wagon, Judge Trigger put into words what a growing number of people are thinking but are too scared to say for fear of being branded racist. What he said IS the truth, if we are to become frightened of telling the truth then we, ourselves, are fearful of that truth. His criticism is of the system and not the individuals themselves, they, like any of us would, are only trying to better themselves and their families. It is the system put in place by our Government that is to blame, it is our Government and the Politically Correct policies it has in place that allows this sort of thing to happen. We, as a nation, are wide open to immigrants taking advantage of us because of institutional weaknesses throughout the system of immigration and asylum seeker handling.

Anonymous said...

Its clear Biggles has not been treated to the full joys of enrichment yet, but he will, his tune will change it always does. In the mean time he follows the dying party line like a lost fart in the middle of a thunder storm.
John Bailey (Ex 24 yrs Labour)