Friday, 17 July 2009


My apologies for my prolonged absence, I trapped my sciatic nerve which was not only extremely painful it was completely demobilising, I had to sleep sitting-up and any movement was excruciating, the least of my worries was this blog or getting to the computer!


Anonymous said...

I have told you before Oddy apologising is a sign of weakness. I bet you have pulled that bad back stroke a few times but like your company seargent major you are not fooling anybody but you have turned up thats the main thing. I was going to send out a search party but Mr Hill assured me that you were only bluffing your way. (wink) Anyway this should cheer you up from todays Sunday Telegraph

Anti-gag said...

Hi John,

Great to see you back. Keep up the struggle, all the best.

Chris Hill.

Anonymous said...

UKIP’s Link to Searchlight

Mark Croucher
We were asked by a reader for more information on the vetting of UKIP members by communist criminal Gerry Gable. Former UKIP member Anthony Scholefield revealed that Mark Croucher – UKIP’s communications director between 2001-2007 – passed members’ details to anti-democratic far-left organisations.

Anthony Scholefield, UKIP Secretary for three years stated: “A disturbing feature is that Mark Croucher, UKIP Press Officer, shows UKIP members’ details to Communists and Socialist Workers via Searchlight and Unite Against Fascism. Croucher reports to Farage.”