Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I have received some unwarranted comments regarding my membership of the BNP. These comments may have come from a BNP member/s inferring I must be regretting my resignation in the light of the party’s recent successes.
My answer is quite simple, I regret neither my membership of the BNP nor my resignation from it.
The BNP is the party closest to my personal politics but it still as a lot of work to do in cleaning up it’s image, structurally altering it’s chain of command and accountability to it’s membership. Once it gets things running like a well tuned clock they will be a political force to be reckoned with.
The three main parties are practically joined at the hip, they are full of what I call “career politicians”, they are there purely for the money and have scant regard for the people that voted them in, they canvass for Government simply because it means more money to them.
At it’s conception I had high hopes that UKIP would be a unique challenger to the traditional parties but it proved to be a damp squid and is now about to implode. Already there is a breakaway fraction, the UKF, (United Kingdom First) Party, they, like UKIP will eventually just give-up and go home.
The likes of the Green Party and other fringe minority groups will never get the support to be able to challenge for Government, they have neither the backing or public opinion behind them.
Against all the odds, remember the BNP were gagged by Government and the media, it was only through the internet that they were able to get their message across. Even I was banned from having public meetings, I wanted them but wasn’t allowed. The excuse was it may have caused civil unrest, in other words groups like UAF and Searchlight would have demonstrated.
The rise of the BNP will, hopefully, continue but it needs to modernise, moderate and cleanse itself internally. There is no other party that speaks for the working classes, Labour deserted them in favour of the EU and their immigration policy. I do wish the BNP well, I will not be part of them but I will vote for them.


Anti-gag said...

The apparent success of the party in recent months is nothing more than an illusion of Griffin's making.

The Hyde (Manchester) result a few weeks ago was indeed a great local effort; however it was a second place result (ie we lost). While Paul Golding's election a week or so later was indeed a very welcome result. But we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. Last year we only won just one council bi-election in the whole of the country, and we have fewer elected district councillors now than we had two years ago. Our London Assembly victory was actually only a 0.4% increase in the vote we had achieved 4 years earlier. At this rate it will take us over 200 years to get our first MP elected (16%+0.4% x (200/4) )= 36% the lowest vote that can reasonably be expected to result in the election of a candidate.

5 years ago Griffin was going around talking of not one but two possibly three BNP MEPs being elected that year. 5 years later we are hearing the same thing again (OK just one MEP is being predicted this time), what progress is that? For the last 10 years Griffin has been making promises he hasn't kept, I'm sick of second places we need victories not defeats made up to look like victories. Collett has again been let off the hook after messing up ¾ million election leaflets, while 6 very component and effective people are left in the wilderness.

The question every member must now ask themselves is: 'is Griffin really achieving anything other than keeping the party at a minimal level of success'? We need a BNP government within the next 20 years or our nation and its people are lost! The Griffin/Collettt gang are in effect preventing the party progress, they are as much a part of the problem as are the liberals in our government.

Chris Hill

I want to be part of a serious political party, not the Nick Griffin fan club!

Anonymous said...

NO REGRETS..........

Mr Oddy conveniently forgets how the BNP has established itself, with the media, establishment, government and its agents doing everything in their power to denounce and destroy the BNP our people and country.
He talks of 'cleaning its image and structure' he seems to forget that it is the same men and women that have stood their ground through out. Making the BNP electable.
Hobbyists, Liberals and
Conservatives who jumped on the establishment pressure valve UKIP for one thing and one thing only 'RESPECTABILITY'.
If the long time Nationlist workers and supporters of the BNP, who have made great sacrifices stood aside as Mr Oddy and Co. have done the BNP would have disintergrated long ago. The odd few who are close to Mr Oddy still remain and agitate against the proven success of the management which has guided the party to become a real alternative to LabLibCon.
Mr Oddy states he will vote for the BNP, I dont know why he disagrees with his own Independant policies doesnt he have faith in them!!! He has proven that he is one of the 'if you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen' brigade. He does not have the tenacity or cohesion like other Nationlist who stand their ground.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Once again you astound me at your lack of being able to grasp the meaning of a conversation.
You immediately become confrontational which is what the public has come to expect from BNP members, you are the type of member that gives the party it’s knuckle dragging image. Your failure to enter into debate only adds fuel to the image the left-wingers have of BNP supporters. To put it bluntly you are the party’s worst enemy, you and people like you. It comes as no surprise that you remain nameless, if any party official read your insane ranting they would immediately ask for your expulsion.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hill said......

I want to be part of a serious political party, not the Nick Griffin fan club!

Have you considered the Green Party because thats what you are!

Councillor John Oddy said...

There you go again, you just can’t help yourself can you?. You really must try to gain some self-control, perhaps anger management courses may help.
Take deep breaths, have a cup of tea and think happy thoughts. Be nice to others and in return they will be nice to you.
You have a nice day now.

Anonymous said...

Once again you astound me at your lack of being able to grasp the meaning of a conversation......

Mr Oddy looses his karma and leaps into the deep end once again. Responding without checking by not putting my original post on this blog first. He later placed it before his own over reacted response. This outburst was in my opinion due to my psychological appraisal of him, this must have upset his fine balance. One need look no futher to his silly, aggresive, unconstructive criticism, to see a toll has been taken on him impairing his judgement. Or maybe did he have a run in with old Charlie Bronson in his prison service days could some of this gentleman's aggression rubbed off on him?
He continues to support Chris Hills posts, with his anti BNP rectoric which is straight from Searchlight which he is fully aware of. Continuing to do this he must see that he is giving ammunition to the opposition. The both of them are short sighted, they fail to grasp the attack on Western civilization. They limit themselves to attacking the only viable alternative, they attack others whilst boosting each others ego's. It is easy to see why Mr Oddy is an Independant(whatever that means) and not a Nationalist although he hints that he is. He is out of step with political reality. Other than cleaning the dandruff off his blazer and creeping around the council chambers, He does little or nothing to further his political education, in order to advance his political knowledge. He thinks to debate is one way, he puts himself in the bracket of he know's it all. How very arrogant of an ex jailer with a locked mind, whereas Chris Hill's affiliation to certain individuals and seedy excuses rest very uneasily with right thinking people.
No one is more disappointed than I that Mr Oddy lacks the art of conversation rendering debate near impossible.
Both still refuse to answer two simple questions from earlier posts. Could it be because they know that there arguments will collapse like a deck of cards??

Anti-gag said...

Dear Anonymous (11:55 hrs)

Given we have no idea who you are I cannot tell what questions they are that you think I've refused to answer, but I have a suspicion that they may be these two questions:
What threat's and what injustice?
Are Jews Semites?

As I said on my blog, to the questioner, identify yourself and I'll answer them as best I can, but just to wet your appetite (so to speak) I'll say this: part of the problem our nation faces is spineless cowards who refuse to stand up and be counted when they see a threat to our people.

As for your accusation that I've attack the party (BNP) that in fact is quite wrong, although I have been very vocal in my criticism of its leadership. Now if you'd like to address any of those criticisms I'd be very happy to engage in a dialogue with you, either here or on the Lancaster blog, off course I'd want to know exactly who I'm debating with first.

Chris Hill