Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Whilst I totally agree with not smoking inside a hospital I am slightly miffed at the NHS approach to banning smoking throughout their entire grounds, including their car parks.
Being in hospital can be a stressful time and, as any smoker will tell you, when under stress the first thing a smoker does is reach for the fags. Also, when your visitors come, it’s nice to get out of the ward, go outside and light-up, have a chin-wag and do whatever.
I can see it isn’t the most ideal of situations, half dressed patients and visitors hanging around outside the main doors, smoke wafting back inside or across people entering and exiting.
Smokers will want a ciggie no matter what you do to stop them, eventually you’ll be driving past a hospital and outside, on the main road will be those half dressed patients and their visitors.
Surely, the ideal solution would be to erect smoking shelters away from main doors but still within the grounds, otherwise the hospitals are going to get even busier when all those smokers get hit by a car on main road!.


brumbob said...

As an ex-smoker I think it's a disgusting habit hehe
but I totally agree with everything you've said here John.
Please note all, it is not illegal to smoke in the grounds of a hospital, they can only request you to stop.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Hi Bob,
The point is they are trying to make it law, one more kick in the ribs for the smokers!.