Tuesday, 28 April 2015

UNDECIDED?........DON'T BE....

This election is probably the most important election for generations. The outcome is far from decided and it's going to be tight all the way to the finishing-line.
Normally I use tactical voting, I vote Conservative to keep out Labour, this election I wont, I'll vote with my head and my heart.
I've spoken to many Conservatives, some even diehards, who, like me, do not like the way things have gone or how certain policies have been prioritised and the idea of increased Foreign Aid whilst pensioners starve and freeze is repugnant.
I've put this argument to many would-be Tory voters who, like I did, are thinking anything to keep Labour out...... but let's imagine if we did have a Labour MP and a Labour Government how would it change our lives? We already have a dysfunctional Labour led council who consider nobody but themselves and treat Conwy as their personal fiefdom so no change there then.
But......can you imagine a Labour/SNP Government, that is what it will need for Labour to take power, can you imagine those two in coalition??? YES! It will be a disaster, a train wreck, with the SNP pulling Milliband,s strings....YES! They will wreck the economy, they will undo all the work we have had to endure to clear up their last mess. They will drive away business, destroy small businesses and totally fuck-up everything! Scotland will get it's referendum as part of the deal, it will get it's independence and the UK will fracture BUT.......and here is the real deal.......after such a catastrophe and the loss of the Scottish support LABOUR WILL NEVER COME TO POWER AGAIN......it has to be worth the suffering for that to happen!

So, this election I'll vote UKIP, along with those I've already influenced, and I'll do it with a clear conscience because it's a NO LOSE vote.  

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Get over yourself TWAT!!