Friday, 12 November 2010


Remembrance Day is a day for us to reflect on those friends, family and loved ones who paid the ultimate price in protecting us and keeping us safe from the perils that haunt this earth. A time to remember the sacrifices they made in our name and of the bravery it took to make those sacrifices.
We wear our poppy with pride, it is a symbol of our gratitude to those who died or suffered horrific injuries in carrying out their duties as our nations protectors, that pride is mirrored in our hearts when we see servicemen and women, past and present, march past the cenotaph with memories of lost or injured comrades.
It is not shameful to shed a tear when we think of those friends we will never see again, or to grieve at their passing, they were men and women of the highest order who I, for one, will never forget and they will live, eternally, within my heart.

I have posted a couple of pictures of how a group of Muslims demonstrated their views of our fallen heroes and I could follow it with my thoughts of them....but I wont. I will leave you to decide for yourselves why it is that we protect, house and feed these vermin.


Anonymous said...

i like many of us TRUE Brits would like to meet with these people (i use the word with tongue in cheek). Not to fight or kill, but to talk and find out their reasoning for such barbaric actions. In fact forget the diplomacy shoot them all lets act like them kill the dirty muslim bastards

Anonymous said...

sunny sideup: I totally agree, how can they disrespect our heroes in such a way and get away with it. if we had done it to their people we would be called racist. im appalled to see this behaviour going on and nothing done about it.

Anonymous said...

I blame the present and past goverments of LabCon assisted by the Liberals of Treason for encouraging and allowing these scum bags into Britain. The sooner we deport all muslims and other so called immigrants that have been allowed to stay here the better. I dont believe people who have served this country in all Wars fought and died in order for their country to be turned into a multi racial cesspit and their children and childrens children to be second class citizens.
An ex soldier from a
long line of soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Colwyn Bay appears unaffected by the great influx of Muslims and other groups that have moved into most other areas of the UK. In my business I am required to travel the country and in my opinon the outrageous behaviour by muslims on Remembrance Day is a very small manifestation of things to come. People have great concerns and fear about the future, only an ostrich would ignore all the warning signs. Something positive must be done to reverse the insane invasion of our country, NOT to take action will undoubtably mean the end.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 21.23
I believe I used very similar words to that in a different thread.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are like a bunch of termites or locusts, destroying everything in their path and taking away all the goodness that was ever there! We don't want our country destroying by these people, they all believe in the same thing whether they riot on our streets or not.

But if Cameron etc. continue to protect these troublemakers, then they will have riots on their hands and no not thugs, but by normal, decent, law abiding citizens who have just about reached breaking point - how can any prime minister side with a bunch of uncouth foreigners who chant abuse and threats against the people of this country? Unbelievable if it weren't true!!


Anonymous said...

To keep making the excuse that " there were only a few " they are only a minority and so on does not hold water any more. The muslims are a very close community many all related and they all know what is going on in thier group, therefore they all know who are militant /radical and so on and each one condone thier views.It is with this in mind that the whole bloody lot should be rounded up ( in a nice way of course, as per human rights) and sent back to thier roots amen, good riddance, no more problems, no more scroungers, more houses for the indigenous folk, better swifter NHS service, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...


Shell, the oil giant, is facing a boycott of its products by armed forces veterans after it banned poppy appeal collections at its petrol stations.

Veterans will this week discuss organising an embargo in protest at the Anglo-Dutch company’s refusal to allow poppies to be sold on its forecourts.
Shell Retail, which operates more than 1,000 service stations in the UK, imposed the ban because, it says, it already contributes to a number of
Charities, including Macmillan Cancer Relief, the RSPCA and Motability.

‘Scandalous’: Staff at 48 libraries in Derbyshire were ordered to remove collection boxes selling poppies
For decades they dutifully sold poppies without objection.
But then staff at nearly 50 libraries were ordered to remove their collection tins and boxes – in the name of equality.
Officials ruled they could not be seen to support ‘particular charities at the expense of others’.

Royal British Legion members are upset after they were prevented from selling poppies at a police station.
George Hancock, 52, vicechairman of the Basford branch of the Royal British Legion, tried to put a poppy box on the counter at Oxclose Lane police station in Arnold. But he said he was told by a receptionist that new legislation banned him from selling poppies at the station.

Old soldiers hit out yesterday after being banned from selling poppies in a German-owned store.
Members of the Royal British Legion were refused permission to stand inside an Aldi supermarket in the run-up to Remembrance Day.

Villagers are boycotting a pub after its landlady refused to allow a poppy tray on her bar.
Raf serviceman David Marchant claims she told him people could buy their poppies "somewhere else".
But Bernice Walsh, 36, yesterday insisted there was not enough room on her bar for the tray to fit.
Mr Marchant, 77, who is a parish councillor and school governor, said every other business he approached with a collection tray accepted.
He went on: "It has become a talking point that she showed this lack of interest. A lot of people are upset.
"She made it quite clear I couldn't leave the poppies on the bar. I had the tray in my hand to give her."

Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow has sparked controversy by refusing to wear a Remembrance Day poppy on air in protest at "poppy fascism".

A top fashion store banned a shop assistant from wearing a poppy at work - because it was 'not part of her uniform'.
Harriet Phipps, 18, pinned the poppy to her clothes as a mark of respect to the countless servicemen and women who have been killed or injured fighting for their country.

So what are you going to do about it then?
Are you going to boycott these businesses are you going to write to these companies or phone them and tell them how you feel?
I have already done that and yes I do feel better but that is not the point, unless we employ people power nothing will ever change and change it must.
Mrs R.Jones.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't the politicians condemned the moslems? So have any of those MPs, councilors , dignitaries, Police and Union reps and so on, condemned the recent burning of a large representation of a poppy in public by Muslim extremists, whilst screaming 'British soldiers burn in hell’ during the 2 minutes silence on Thursday 11th of November?

Anonymous said...

If people believe the British people went to war for this country so [indigenous] White [British] people can get called a racist for having a [difference] opinion, turning churches into mosques, having limits of freedom of speech through political correctness, ethnic cleansing of their own people( White British) in there own land, and having British values, culture eroding while other nations values and culture flourish.

They must be sick in the head.

Dismayed said...

What about the RANK HYPOCRISY of Cllrs Alice Robinson and Gwyn Hugheshaving a right old natter during the solemn ceremony at Colwyn Bay's Cenotaph yesterday.
It's all very well weaering a poppy ,and turning up, but surely a few minutes silence from them would not have gone amiss?

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